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Name Thomas
Other Names (Newcomen)
Surname (Maiden) Newcombe
Gender Male
Date Of Birth 1663/01/00 Darthmouth, England
Date Of Christning 1663/02/24 St. Saviour's Church, Dartmouth
Date Of Death 1729/08/05 London, England

Thomas Newcomen
Inventor of the first successful atmospheric steam engine.
A native of Dartmouth, Devonshire, England. Who was apprenticed to an ironmonger in Exeter and became so practically acquainted with the business as to be able to complete, after trials and experiments extending over a space of three years, the steam engine. He afterward exerted himself to introduce it into practical working in all parts of the kingdom.
In 1729 he sought to obtain a patent (his model is still preserved), but while in London for that purpose was taken down with fever and died at the house of a friend, and was interred in Bunhill Fields. Mr. Newcomen was an educated man, a Baptist. He preached occasionally and held meetings in his house in Dartmouth which caused him to be prosecuted by the authorities.
His earnestness of purpose served him in good turn when he had to overcome the immense difficulties which beset him in connection with inventing and making "the first self-acting steam engine". The importance of Mr. Newcomen's invention has never been fully recognized in connection with his memory, yet he left it so complete that it continued unchanged and unimproved for nearly 100 years.

Parent : Father Elias Newcombe (1633/00/00 - 1702/00/00)
Parent : Mother Alice (Trenhale) Newcombe (1634/00/00 - 1668/00/00)
John Newcombe (166?/00/00 - 0000/00/00) (N/A)
Rebeccah Newcombe (166?/00/00 - 0000/00/00) (N/A)
Bathsheba Newcombe (166?/00/00 - 0000/00/00) (N/A)
Louise Newcombe (166?/00/00 - 0000/00/00) (N/A)

Hannah (Waymouth) Newcombe (1682/00/00 - 1756/00/00)
Married : 1705/09/11 :
Divorced : 0000/00/00 :

Elias Newcombe (1706/00/00 - 1765/00/00) Hannah (Waymouth) Newcombe (1730/00/00 - 1786/00/00)
Thomas Newcombe (1708/00/00 - 1767/00/00) (N/A)
Hannah (Newcombe) Wolcott (1710/00/00 - 0000/00/00) William Wolcott (170?/00/00 - 0000/00/00)

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There are several different spellings for the Newcombe surname, Mostly:
Within family groups each child could have a slightly different spelling of the name, Often dependent on who and where it was written. To simplify the Database, All derivatives of the surname is entered simply as NEWCOMBE. I know it might sound biased towards how it is spelled here in South Africa, but it is also how many other Genealogy pages group the surname too.
Also where ever possible I've tried to keep references to the persons in the notes with the original spelling.

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