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Name Robert
Other Names
Surname (Maiden) Newcombe
Gender Male
Date Of Birth 1782/03/30 Bishops Clyst (near Exeter), Devon, England
Date Of Christning 1782/12/18
Date Of Death 1862/07/03 Mount Roberts, District Kenkelbosch, Eastern Cape Province, South Africa

"Robert was the British settler who came to South Africa in 1820. He and his wife Elizabeth, (born Saunders) were the founders of the Newcombe families still living at Kinkelbos, Nanaga, and Doornkloof. Robert snr. Died in 1792, his widow Frances, then married William Upham, on the 21st. April 1802, and Frances died in 1803. Robert jnr. (the settler) must have been very pleased with his mothers choice because, when he married his wife Elizabeth sanders in 1808, he named his first two sons after his stepfather namely William Saunders Newcombe, and Robert Upham Newcombe. Frances baker was born, 21st. June 1756, she was the daughter of William and Mary Baker of Musbury in Devonshire." - Footnote by Aubrey Robert Clarence Newcombe
Another document noted that Robert was 31 when he settled in South Africa.

Parent : Father Robert Newcombe (1753/00/00 - 1792/00/00)
Parent : Mother Frances (Baker) (Newcombe) Uphan (1756/06/21 - 1803/00/00)
Ann Newcombe (178?/00/00 - 0000/00/00) (N/A)
Elizabeth Newcombe (178?/00/00 - 0000/00/00) (N/A)
Frances Newcombe (178?/00/00 - 0000/00/00) (N/A)

Anne Elizabeth (Saunders) Newcombe (1785/00/00 - 1850/00/00)
Married : 0000/00/00 :
Divorced : 0000/00/00 :

Elizabeth Newcombe (1813/02/20 - 0000/00/00) (N/A)
William Saunders Newcombe (1809/00/00 - 1812/00/00) (N/A)
Anne Frances (Newcombe) Jones (1811/00/00 - 1833/00/00) Harry Jones (181?/00/00 - 0000/00/00)
Robert Upham Newcombe (1812/00/00 - 1866/00/00) Rachael (Reid) Newcombe (1823/00/00 - 1899/00/00)
Maryanne (Newcombe) White (1817/00/00 - 0000/00/00) Unknown White (181?/00/00 - 0000/00/00)
Richard Newcombe (1819/00/00 - 1901/09/09) Caroline Hayman (Saunders) Newcombe (1840/00/00 - 1914/12/22)

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There are several different spellings for the Newcombe surname, Mostly:
Within family groups each child could have a slightly different spelling of the name, Often dependent on who and where it was written. To simplify the Database, All derivatives of the surname is entered simply as NEWCOMBE. I know it might sound biased towards how it is spelled here in South Africa, but it is also how many other Genealogy pages group the surname too.
Also where ever possible I've tried to keep references to the persons in the notes with the original spelling.

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